Letter from the Editor

So, what is the greater problem? Is it the wrongness of others that’s the problem? Or is it how easy it is to lose sight of what we share compared to what don’t? I honestly don’t know… it’s a question I’m struggling with… READ MORE

On the Line – Volunteering for the Asylum Seekers

by Jessica R Dworkin

I entered this experience (and physically entered the Baby Jail) fully prepared to see evil in the hearts and eyes of the guards, of the asylum officers, of everyone involved in the detention of our clients… READ MORE

Putting Science to Work for Peace

by Emile Bruneau

Certainly, the large, cooperative, diverse environments that we find ourselves in today are very different from the environments when evolution was so firmly shaping our brains. As a result, we are trying to solve 21st Century problems with stone age psychology… READ MORE

Servants’ Quarters

by Sarah H Grifffin

That summer led me to a humbling and important understanding about myself, and one very relevant to the theme of division – in this case, as defined by social status… READ MORE

Seeing Stars

by Amy

I looked out across the expanse of darkness, with only a smattering of stars peeking out from behind the clouds, and accepted that I couldn’t spot the outline of the pump handle. I knew that would walk into oblivion if I didn’t set out directly for it… READ MORE