Like the fabled blind people describing the elephant, we are both limited by our unique perspectives, and privy to the insight such perspectives yield. We are making sense of the same world, but can come to profoundly different conclusions.

Every angle of this is fascinating to us at The Elephant. We are looking to see this shared world through various unique perspectives, and to understand how those perspectives came to be. We believe there is great value in exploring the limitations of our individual views, and in the sincere effort to understand those of others.

So please – do explain your perspective! Or investigate that of someone else. Tell us how you came to see the world as you do. And tell us of a time when the focus shifted, and a changed version of the truth came into view.

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Sarah H Griffin spent her formative years living between the United States and  the Democratic Republic of Congo. She obtained her master’s in journalism from New York University and now lives in central New York with her husband, daughter, and a host of large animals.

For other essays, please see the predecessor of The Elephant, Sarah’s blog The Perspective Project.

Your eyes and your thoughts are always deeply appreciated.

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  1. Genevieve Field on

    Hi Sarah,
    Some heady stuff here, I’ve just been reading with great interest! And, sometime, I would happily submit to an interview about my own nostalgia (or lack thereof?).
    Keep digging!

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