The Elephant, by Rochelle Ball

This publication’s title was inspired by the fable of the blind persons encountering an unknown, the elephant. One touches the elephant’s trunk and declares it to be like a snake; another touches the flank and explains that no, it’s more like a wall; a third, feeling a tusk, is baffled how her friends cannot see the likeness to a spear. And so forth.

The point being, we are each limited by our unique perspectives, and privy to the insight such perspectives yield. We are all making sense of the same world, and we have much to learn from one another’s truths. 

The Elephant is founded on the belief that despite the fascinating differences among our individual experiences, we can recognize the common human condition—the complexities we all have in common—within one another’s stories. That’s what we are looking to showcase in this publication.

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Sarah H Griffin :: Managing Editor

Sarah spent her formative years living between the United States and  the Democratic Republic of Congo. She studied history and journalism, and now lives in central New York with her husband, daughters, and large dogs.

For other essays, please see the predecessor of The Elephant, Sarah’s blog The Perspective Project. Sarah can always be reached at sarah@theelephant.press

Emily Hart Roth :: Assistant Editor

Emily is a storyteller and on the path to becoming a forest therapy guide. She grew up in the north woods of Wisconsin and now splits her time between Los Angeles and the shores of Lake Superior. As a photographer, Emily’s clients include non-profits, food/restaurant and fashion stories. She self-published a book titled Art; a lifestyle. Emily shares her passion for nature medicine with her community, husband, two daughters, and Harold the dog. You can follow Emily @emilyhartroth 

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  1. Genevieve Field on

    Hi Sarah,
    Some heady stuff here, I’ve just been reading with great interest! And, sometime, I would happily submit to an interview about my own nostalgia (or lack thereof?).
    Keep digging!

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