The Elephant publishes thoughtful and thought-provoking writing and art.

We are looking for work that helps us understand the world through your eyes, and your efforts to understand the world through the eyes of others; stories of when your sense of what’s true, valuable, and right in this world was shifted; your formative stories; your musings on identity and the way we categorize ourselves and others; and your revelations of what separates, and what connects, us all…

If it is helpful, we are looking for your thoughts on these questions:

  • What is an experience that shaped how you see the world?
  • Have you ever experienced or perceived a situation differently than those around you? How so, and what’s the lesson to be learned?
  • Have you ever had something good come from something that, in the moment, was awful? Or visa versa – had something anticipated and seemingly wonderful, dissolve horribly?
  • Tell us a time when your assumptions were challenged and changed.

Please send your submissions, or questions, to